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                                        CHIRALYSER-MP (585x420).jpg


                                           Novel Chiral Detector

          with multi path cell for enhanced sensitivity

             The CHIRALYSER-MP is a high performance Optical Rotation
             Detector for monitoring Optically Active compounds in HPLC.
             Innovative flow cell design in multi path technology together with
             an optimized measuring wavelength performs outstanding sensitivity 

             and excellent signal to noise ratio.
             The approved Faraday Compensation, superior to all other methods,
             ennables  the CHIRALYSER-MP to detect optical active molecules

             not only in analytical but also in preparative LC.
             Operation via touch screen or remote controlled by host computer

             adapts the CHIRALYSER-MP to any chromatography system.

                                                    More info:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The wavelength relationship


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                              TECHNICAL DATA



 Faraday Compensation                                  

 Light source          

 LED 426 nm                

 Optical system

 multi path technology

 Flow cell

 multi path
 100 mm / 20µl


 Measuring range

 4.00 ... 128.00  mdeg.

 Flow cell

 single path
 100 mm / 300µl


 16 bit

 Flow rate

 max. 3 mL/mi



 20  µdeg.
 10  µdeg.

 Flow rate

 max. 100 mL/min.

 Detection limit

 0.5mg/L  [alfa = 90°]
  ( direct injection )

 Signal output

 1000 mV
 RS 232c,  USB (option)

 Time constant

 0.2 ... 3.6 sec.


 touch screen / remote

 Range control

 automatic (ASC)


 100 - 250 VAC, 50 VA


 selectable 0 ... 100 %

 Size & weight

 190 x 90 x 450 mm,    12kg




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CHIRALYSER is a registered trademark of the IBZ MESSTECHNIK GMBH